I wanted to add more content, but this week I will be really busy. I have to attend an activity at school for AP classes next year, so I won't get time to add any more content. I felt that I might as well release now, even though the amount isn't what I wanted.

I added in movement for R/S/E and gym leader battles/trainer battles. That's all. Trading pokemon is taking a bit longer because there's so much commands that I don't recognize. Too many setvars and stuff in that script. 

I would like to request errors you guys encountered while using PKSV, and solutions if you have any. That way, I can add some more stuff to the technical problems, and possibly help other people who may have the same problem. If you guys do encounter an error not in the technical problems, tell me. I'll try to help you guys ^_^. That's all. Bye!

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