I have not updated this website in awhile, but I'm done. PKSV has fueled my love for both Pokemon and programming since middle school, but now that I'm leaving high school and going to college, I think it's time to put a close to this as well.

For now, it is goodbye. I may come back to this, but chances are, my journey ends here. I did not update much ever since I entered the later grades of my high school year, due to other activities. While it is quite painful to say this, my decision stays firm.

Playing with PKSV and creating the tutorials has been really fun. I really enjoyed interacting people with similar interests with me. For all those who asked for help, or was using PKSV as a project, I hope you succeeded in the end. The program itself has grown old. XSE is the new best thing, and I highly suggest you check that out if you have not already. There are many people who have created great XSE tutorials, so you will not feel lost. As I type this, I will be leaving for college soon. Computer Science is the path that I'm leaning towards. While I will stop my PKSV tutorials, I may come back with something new.

Again, thank you all for tuning in to me for all these years. I wish you all the best of luck in your programming experience.
12/5/2015 16:21:54

Hey, I found this blog and your Youtube channel just a couple days ago. I think that you're awesome for making those tutorials! It's helping me a lot with my scripting abilities. I just wanted to thank you :)

P.S. I know that you just said that this PKSV is over for you, but I have some small questions so if you see this, do you think you can help me ? XD Have nice day!


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