I took a look at the poll, and decided the order of my next couple of lessons from the poll. I updated the lesson list, and I gave a more comprehensive description on flags to have more brevity. I noticed that in the 'other' category of the poll, two submissions were already done.

Pokemon events is the 'level scripts'. These are used to create those 'cut scenes' moments, which I believe is what is implied. (If the user meant battling with pokemon, cries, adding pokemon, I added that).

Shops have already been done in 'Give Items'. As for those special events, like getting the pokedex, you would have to set the 'special flags' (added these within the description on flags).

Right now, I am currently working on the 'set map tile' lesson. As always, thank you guys for your support, and I hope you guys can succeed at whatever you guys are trying to achieve.
9/6/2014 17:25:24

thanks for the great tutorials


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