I have not updated this website in awhile, but I'm done. PKSV has fueled my love for both Pokemon and programming since middle school, but now that I'm leaving high school and going to college, I think it's time to put a close to this as well.

For now, it is goodbye. I may come back to this, but chances are, my journey ends here. I did not update much ever since I entered the later grades of my high school year, due to other activities. While it is quite painful to say this, my decision stays firm.

Playing with PKSV and creating the tutorials has been really fun. I really enjoyed interacting people with similar interests with me. For all those who asked for help, or was using PKSV as a project, I hope you succeeded in the end. The program itself has grown old. XSE is the new best thing, and I highly suggest you check that out if you have not already. There are many people who have created great XSE tutorials, so you will not feel lost. As I type this, I will be leaving for college soon. Computer Science is the path that I'm leaning towards. While I will stop my PKSV tutorials, I may come back with something new.

Again, thank you all for tuning in to me for all these years. I wish you all the best of luck in your programming experience.
So a couple of days ago, I submitted my UC applications. Now I only have a couple more. I'm almost done! School itself isn't too bad, so after college work is done, I'll have time to upload content again! I'm sorry the wait was pretty long, but it's almost over. I'll start continuing my work around mid January. Just hang in a little longer guys!

I plan to work on Pokemon oriented stuff (pokemon scripted encounter, pokepic, cries, ect.) as the first thing. I'll have to review my PKSV since I haven't used it much in a long time. That's all! Thanks for being patient guys. 
Hey guys. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the pokemon related commands figured out before school started. Now, a senior in high school, I'm at the most important time of the year. I have to finish tests, get personal statements done, and finish my application. Unfortunately, I will not be able to do much while college occupies my time. I did however, require some PKSV for a school project. I put up a new tab to display some random stuff I do right now in PKSV, before I can get back to the tutorials. Sorry this update is very late.

With that, I will see you guys in a couple of months. Thank you for your patience.
In the month of August, so much school-related events are popping up. Unfortunately, I was only able to get a super-short lesson done. Before school starts, I want to at least finish up to music, which is about 3-4 lessons away. Updating this website is quite a hassle now because Summer is almost over. The pokemon lesson is taking a bit longer because I can't quite figure out the battle scene. I'll try to finish that within the next few days though, since this update is only 1 small page. Thanks for tuning in. Sorry for the disappointment. 
Hey guys! I'm posting this quite early for my time because I'm leaving soon for Java camp! We're going to learn how to make Minecraft mods, even though I already learned a bit of that in my spare time. 

Anyways, onto the more relevant topics here. This update, I finished the second map script lesson, along with trading pokemon. All these updates will probably be 2 pages every time from now on. That's all for this time. I want to thank all of you guys for bearing with me. If I didn't mention already, if you would like me to help you guys with any hack roms you guys are making, I would be happy to help. Just ask away! 

Okay, bye. Going to code Java now! 
I wanted to add more content, but this week I will be really busy. I have to attend an activity at school for AP classes next year, so I won't get time to add any more content. I felt that I might as well release now, even though the amount isn't what I wanted.

I added in movement for R/S/E and gym leader battles/trainer battles. That's all. Trading pokemon is taking a bit longer because there's so much commands that I don't recognize. Too many setvars and stuff in that script. 

I would like to request errors you guys encountered while using PKSV, and solutions if you have any. That way, I can add some more stuff to the technical problems, and possibly help other people who may have the same problem. If you guys do encounter an error not in the technical problems, tell me. I'll try to help you guys ^_^. That's all. Bye!
After coming back from a family vacation, I wanted to hurry and upload my map script youtube videos before I left. First day at home, I just want to get the 1st part of map scripts done. I broke the map scripts into multiple parts because there are many type of map scripts, and putting them all on 1 page will be too much. 

I am aware of the requested scripts of trading pokemon and gym battles. I'm working on those, as well as PKSV-UI movement in R/S/E. Sorry, those aren't done yet. I want to get R/S/E out of the way first though, since I think that one problem a lot of people are having.

I know this update is very small, but please be patient. I plan to finish 
Hey everybody! With school over, I have more free time. I made a small update, and that's the addition of the setmaptile lesson. It's very short though, compared to some of the other lessons, since this is not a very complicated feature.

I noticed that a lot of you guys also use PKSV-UI to code Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald games. I did not start on those, but I plan to extend my tutorials to also cover these games. This will allow PKSV-UI to remain the supreme Pokemon GBA games scripting tool! 

That covers this update. Thank you guys for your patience. I will try to update 
With the school year almost done, this means that I can start uploading content again. Thank you all for being so patient for me. The update I made is very small. I added a little section that helps get you started with PKSV-UI (if you didn't know how to already), and some commonly encountered problems. Since I didn't touch PKSV-UI for my entire school year, I have to relearn a bit of material. Anyways, stay tuned for more updates. Thank you all for putting up with me. I hope I can make great use of this summer to get a lot of content up.
I'm really sorry this update is very late. I can not make new material right now because of school and studies. I agreed with my parents to put my focus and attention on studies for my junior year in high school, so I cannot update the new material you guys are waiting for. I still will help you guys with problems you have, so you can still ask questions. If you want on help on stuff I never gave tutorials on, I'll give you guys brief background info. on the stuff, and help you form there. Sorry about this. I'll come back